Kasteelbier 4x33cl + glass VAT: 21%
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From beer to castle...it's a long way! Endeavoring to comply with ever more stringent requirements, the master brewer carried out numerous tests before he produced a creamy dark beer. The fruit of his labor goes under the name of Kasteelbier. It combines the unparalleled quality of the past and a resolutely modern taste. Kasteelbier Brown is a brown craft beer with secondary fermentation, mild and tasty, full-bodied and creamy... It has a shelf life of several years. 11%ABV. Should be served at 12 C. Kasteelbier Blond is soft, creamy, nutty, and rounded, with a vanilla note. The intense Kasteelbier Blond is characterized by an outstanding blend of noble malts and hops, which lend it a refined aroma and exceptional flavor.
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