Kwak 4 x 33cl + glas in box VAT: 21%
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A well-known strong Belgian ale with an amusing name, this comes in a filtered bottle. It pours with a fine head that lasts well, and gives off an aroma reminiscent of a wheat beer - bubblegum, vanilla, cloves - with a touch of spirit or possibly quinine. In the mouth it is very smooth and spritzy, with vanilla flavours present again, helping it come across as very light for its strength. There are also phenolic notes, giving a lightness on the back of the throat. Some limey fruit (as in lime-like fruit, not English fruit) is also present, along with the bubblegum notes also found in the aroma. Finish is of bubblegum sweetness balancing the overall dryness, leading to a metallic, hoppy (Saaz?), caramel malt and cane sugar aftertaste. Very pleasant and complex, despite its lack of bottle conditioning - as with many Belgian beers, beware its hidden strength.

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