Gouden Carolus Tripel 9 4x33cl VAT: 21%
Price: 7.40  (incl. vat) Price empties: 0.40  (Not included)

This blond beer was brewed in honour of the court of the Emperor Charles The Fifth, united in rigour, nobility and splendour. In spite of modern brewing technology, this beer is brewed according to ancient traditions. It unites, now as in the past, the best products of our soil: rich barley and fine hops. Its refined character, with a pure and rich taste, will captivate you. It is matured at length in cellar and bottle, and is guaraneteed to be brewed only from pale malts. It is traditionally top-fermented and is 100 % pure. To properly savour the Golden Carolus "Triple", pour slowly in one movement leaving the yeast deposit in the bottle. This beer may be served cool but not chilled: 10C is recommended.

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