Kopke tawny 10 years old 75cl woodbox VAT: 21%
Price: 28.20 € (incl. vat) Price empties: 0.00 € (Not included)

From 1995 on, Kopke started producing also DOC Douro Wines from Douro Demarcated Region. Since the old days of Chicago World Exhibition in 1893, its wines have been recognized by its excellent quality, with high awards in international contests, such as the Gold Medal in the " International Wine Spirit Competition " in 1996 for Kopke Vintage 1985, the Great Gold Medal in the " Concurso Internacional Cidade do Porto " in 1998 for Kopke Colheita 1938. Those prizes do really confirm the recognition of efforts made for Portwine, in general, and the name of Kopke in particular. Always aiming the quality of the wines, and registering quite a stable volume of sales, the House of Kopke remains in the hands of Barros Family who tries on keeping the prestige reached since longtime by Kopke’s products related with the eldest foreign Portwine’s Company established in Portugal.

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